Social Excellence: We Dare You

This book, overflowing with real-life examples of Social Excellence in action, is not a book to be read in quiet solitude. It is a book that dares the reader to engage with the people and society around them. The authors describe how to build masterful social skills, tell stories of how people have changed the world through interpersonal connection, and challenge readers to push their social comfort zones to the max through edgy Social Dares.

As technological connections increase, personal, human, face-to-face connections can suffer. But those human connections are vital to organizational success and personal fulfillment. Social Excellence is the key to standing outfrom the crowd, to lifting your eyes from the screen and seeing the faces of potential relationships around you, and to creating the world you imagine.

Social Excellence: We Dare You is written to inspire community leaders, organizational members, non-profit volunteers, religious congregations, business leaders, political advocates, high-performing students, and anyone who is seeking a way to truly matter in the world.

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